Policy in a Page: When major political upheaval is afoot in the United States, the states themselves have often been the primary actors.

ImageWhat: Stamp Act Congress

When: October 1765

At issue: Colonial taxation, Admiralty Courts, colonial civil and voting rights

Result: Repeal of Stamp Act

PT says: Colony Power"—a first step to "State Power."

ImageWhat: First Continental Congress

When: September - October 1774

At issue: The "Intolerable Acts"

Result: "Articles of Association." Set up Second Continental Congress.

PT says: George III or George Bush -- the more things change, the more they stay the same.

ImageWhat: Second Continental Congress

When: May 1775 - March 1781

At issue: The Revolutionary War

Result: Declaration of Independence, successful revolution

PT says: "In the beginning...they created a union."

ImageWhat: The Constitutional Convention

When: May - September 1787

At issue: Weakness of the Articles of Confederation

Result: The U.S. Constitution

PT says: Truly one of America's greatest moments—brought to you by 13 independent states.

ImageWhat: The U.S. Civil War

When: April 1861 - April 1865

At issue: Slavery, "states' rights'

Result:618,000 American deaths, slavery abolished

PT says: Carnage on an unprecedented scale, assassination of one of America's great presidents, start of 100 years of 'separate but not equal.' The states demonstrated what they can do, but not an experience we want to repeat.