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Policy Flashbacks


June 6, 1944

Allied forces storm the beaches of Normandy

Following months of planning, intelligence gathering and decoy operations, the United States and its allies launched a full-fledged attack on German positions at Normandy in a bid to liberate Western Europe. Dubbed "Operation Overlord," the attack would amount to no less than the largest amphibious military assault in history, employing 822 parachutist-filled aircraft, 13,000 more planes for air cover, 6,000 landing craft, and 176,000 troops.


June 11, 1776

Continental Congress appoints "Committee of Five" to draft Declaration of Independence 

Tensions between the separatist colonies and Britain finally boiled over on this day in 1776, as the Second Continental Congress charged an esteemed panel of patriots with drafting a declaration of independence. The three revolutionary heavyweights of the group were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, the primary author. They were aided by compatriots Robert R. Livingston and Roger Sherman. Said Jefferson of the process in an 1823 letter to James Madison, "The Committee of Five met, no such thing as a sub-committee was proposed, but they unanimously pressed on myself alone to undertake the draught. I consented; I drew it; but before I reported it to the committee I communicated it separately to Dr. Franklin and Mr. Adams requesting their corrections…Their alterations were two or three only, and merely verbal. I then wrote a fair copy, reported it to the committee, and from them, unaltered to the Congress."



Maine Governor John Baldacci on the state's drive toward energy independence:

"We're working to promote clean, renewable sources of energy such as wind power. This year Maine reached an important milestone. 100% of the power used to run state buildings comes from renewable sources.

"It's all part of our state's efforts to become energy independent, which is vital for our economic, environmental and physical security. Maine has been, and continues to be, an environmental leader."

— Maine Governor John Baldacci in a recent speech to graduates of the University of Maine at Presque Isle.

High Risk, Low Risk

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