Welcome to the archives of Policy Today, a historical treasure chest of articles and ideas that dominated the political, economic, and social worlds in the first decade of the new millennium. We launched the magazine in the summer, 2004, when President George Bush was seeking his second term; and published our last edition in July, 2008, when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were battling for the Democratic presidential nomination, and John McCain arose from the middle of the pack to win the Republican nomination.  The country wasn’t as politically divided as we are now, and PT did its best to stay the course and focus on the issues as they presented themselves.

We published out of San Francisco so looked at both the Nation and California.  The leading issues of the day included health care, education, and immigration.  Sound familiar?.

Those we interviewed included California Assembly Leader Kevin McCarthy (now Majority Leader in the US House of Representatives); US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (still there); former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (now back in Hollywood); constitutional scholar Larry Sabato; and, financier Wilbur Ross (now US Secretary of Commerce)..

Our first issue noted that “governments like clocks go from the motion men give them.  In a time far removed from today’s digital world, William Penn and the country’s early leaders realized that no matter now carefully they balanced competing interests within the Constitutional framework, their success depended upon the officials chosen to lead the new Nation..

Policy Today then sets forth in the belief that individuals can and do make a difference, and that principled decision making lies at the heart of republican democracy.  And, that amidst the overload of today’s information society, these principles provide an essential guide to formulating policy today—government the way it could or should be.”.

For the moment, PolicyToday remains a record of days past.  Could the magazine ride again?  Hey, you never know!