Social Contract

Your Top Ten Policy Issues -- And the Winners Are ...

Red sign: Changed Priorities Ahead

While PT's servers never approached meltdown, a number of our readers sent in their choices for our “Top 10” policy issues. We have our own ideas, but wanted to know yours. Throughout the comments – those posted on the site and received by e–mail – there was a similar undercurrent: that as a nation, we have been ill served by the lack of intelligent debate on issues that concern us most.

But, here you go—the sealed envelope, please. Let's start with the easy ones: (1) Education and (2) Healthcare. Writes Lisa Buhler, “I would like to see a discussion on the healthcare system – national healthcare has not worked for other countries – why would it work for ours? I would also like to see discussion on the “no child left behind” program – clearly it is not working like it was intended. It has forced our educators to teach to the "lowest common denominator" in the classroom – we are not challenging our young people!”

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red street sign reads 'Changed Priorities Ahead'

In the coming issues, PT will cover people and policies in the following areas. Let us know whether they’re on your “Top 10” list. And, if not, what are your “Top 10”?

Top 10 Policy Areas:

  1. Education
  2. Energy
  3. Environment /Climate Change
  4. Women’s issues
  5. Men’s issues
  6. Political process/campaign finance
  7. Federalism
  8. Criminal justice
  9. Economy/free markets
  10. Foreign Policy

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