Q&A - CA Senator Jenny Oropeza

California must protect our kids from secondhand smoke

How many times have you ever had to hold your breath while walking out of a building because of a cloud of cigarette smoke? 

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The Golden State Goes Green

three green leaves at the end of a branch

California's "clean tech" industry revs its engines—and signals a new surge in economic growth.

New, more environmentally friendly ways to fuel cars and power homes and businesses may spur California growth, lawmakers say—even where complex regulatory and economic factors squelched it.

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Q&A: Assemblywoman Fran Pavley

With California's clean car legislation of 2002 (AB 1493) under her belt, Assemblywoman Fran Pavley already had solid environmental credentials. But with the Governor's signing of AB 32, the nation's first legislation capping industrial greenhouse gas emissions, she has taken the lead against a gathering environmental threat.

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Clean Air for the Golden State

Will California's landmark emissions legislation fuel winds of change across the country?

Christmas came early this year for the California Air Resources Board.

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A Sea Change for Public Health

August 9, 2005 - California Ed.

With a stroke of the President's pen, Hawaii recently became host to the world's largest marine sanctuary. In California, however, the situation is more complex. With a rapidly growing population and booming seaside development, coastal policy involves much more than saving the whales.

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Q&A: Congresswoman Lois Capps

August 9, 2006 - California Ed.

PT talks to Lois Capps, U.S. Congress-woman from California's central coast, about marine sanctuaries, coastal policy, and the many environmental issues driving the discussion.

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