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About Policy Today

Policy Today was founded in July 2004 to cover the structural as well as policy-specific areas of American government. A California legislator now US Congressman told us, “structure determines behavior.” So beyond looking at a range of topics such as education, criminal justice, and the economy, we report on the legislative process, electoral politics, and the Constitutional framework, particularly federalism.

American politicians face a daunting task as they try to forge agreement among increasingly factious and self-interested constituencies. Along the way, then, we've also asked, “can principled decision-making play a role in practical politics?” And, that goes beyond the current litmus test for sound legislation: if both parties agree, it must be “good.” Too often, “good” translates into each side simply got what it wanted without reference to any overarching goals or objectives. As one former US Secretary of State emphasized in a conversation, “principle should not be sacrificed on the altar of bipartisanship.”

Finally, our recognition that individuals can and do make a difference has underscored the popularity of our Q&As with contributors and readers alike. As a result, we have also revised our format to include fewer editorial pieces and more opportunities for our readers to comment and share their opinions and ideas.

PT is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. and is distributed throughout the state and nationwide.