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Lead Story
Q&A: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Wednesday, 02 November 2005

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger answers questions about Proposition 77, redistricting and the path to better government.

Q: With redistricting once every 10 years, voters have historically been given a chance to get to know their representatives, and the representatives a chance to get to know their constituents. Why do you want to disrupt this relationship?

Schwarzenegger: The simple reason is because the system is fixed. Out of 153 congressional and legislative seats last November, none of them changed party. Think about that. The politicians drew the district lines last time, and now we have things like Congressional District 23, which runs up the coast for 200 miles. The politicians were pickin...

Redistricting: The Last Word
Wednesday, 02 November 2005

Redistricting via Proposition 77 is central to Governor Schwarzenegger's "Year of Reform." For the past 7 months, PT has discussed the issue with state legislators and public officials on both sides of the partisan aisle. With the special election less than a week away, PT's managing editor pulls together some final thoughts on the issue and what lies ahead—whether the governor wins or loses.

November 2, 2005

The California Legislature is 156 years old, and the governor has decided it's time to renovate the old house. The biggest hammer in his toolbox may well be Prop. 77, an attempt to break up the bipartisan gerrymander that resulted in zero of 153 legislative and congressional seats changing hands la...

Feature Story
Q&A: CA State Senator Roy Ashburn
Wednesday, 19 October 2005

PT talks to Roy Ashburn, California State Senator for Bakersfield and Senate District 18, about redistricting and alternative ways to achieve better government.

PT: Redistricting is supposed to restore accountability and fair representation to the legislature, but nobody thinks it's a sliver bullet. What are some other problems within the current structure that must be addressed as well?

Ashburn: The question is the effectiveness and accountability of the legislature, and term limits are the biggest change to occur in modern times on that account. They have had a profound effect by diminishing the effectiveness of the legislature. Legislators can't develop long-term knowledge of issues, and they're press...

More news
Q&A: CA Assemblyman Tim Leslie
PT talks to Tim Leslie, California Assemblyman for Roseville, Auburn and Assembly District 4, about reapportionment, accountability and the cracks in California's policymaking machine.October 19, 2005...
Reconnecting with constituents may take more than redistricting. Redistricting has been touted as the device that will restore accountability to the California legislature and a way to close the gap...
Debra Bowen, State Senator from Redondo Beach, talks to PT about term limits, incumbency and the prospects of redistricting. PT: Proponents of redistricting reform say that it will make incumbents mor...
Alan S. Lowenthal, State Senator from Long Beach, talks to PT about reforming the redistricting process. PT: Political motives aside, what is redistricting reform fundamentally about—what does ...
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