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Dick Ackerman, CA State Senator (Sept 2006)

Sheryl Allen, UT State Representative (April 2007)

Juan Arambula, CA Assemblyman (June 2007)

Roy Ashburn, CA State Senator (Oct 2005, Nov 2005, Feb 2008)

Tony Beard, CA Senate Sergeant-at-Arms (March 2007 )

Debra Bowen, CA State Senator, now State Treasurer (Oct 2005) (Nov 2005)

Curtis Bramble, UT State Senate Majority Leader (May 2007)

Ginny Burdick, Oregon State Senator (March 2007)

Anna Burger, Change to Win (Sept 2006)

Joe Canciamilla, CA Assemblyman (Oct 2006)

Lois Capps, US Congresswoman (Aug 2006)

David Clark, UT House of Rrepresentatives Majority Leader (May 2007)

Tom Cole, US Congressman (OK) (Aug 2006)

Gilbert Credillo, CA State Senator (March 2007)

Susan Davis, US Congresswoman (CA) (April 2006)

Vernon Ehlers, US Congressman (MI) (Oct 2005)

Eliot Engle, US Congressman (NY) (Oct 2006)

Bonnie Garcia, CA Assemblywoman (Feb 2007)

Avel Gordly, Oregon State Senator (March 2007)

Raul Grijavala, US Congressman (AZ) (Oct 2005)

Joe Hackney, Speaker of the NC House of Representatives (May 2007, Sept 2007)

Emmett Hanger, VA State Senator (May 2007)

Ray Haynes, CA Assemblyman (April 2006)

Roderick Hickman, Former CA Secretary of Corrections (July 2006)

Jerome Horton, CA Assemblyman (Oct 2006)

Darrell Issa, US Congressman (CA) (March 2006)

Jimmy Jeffress, Arkansas State Senator (Feb 2007)

Betty Karnette, CA Assemblywoman (Feb 2007, Nov 2007)

Kathleen Keenan, VT State Representative (April 2007)

Rick Keene, CA Assemblyman (Feb 2006)

Vick Kemp, former CA Corrections Officer (July 2006)

Sheila Kuehl, CA State Senator (Sept 2006)

Tim Leslie, CA Assemblyman (Oct 2005)

Alan Lowenthal, CA Senator (Sept 2005, Nov 2005)

Steve Lynn, AZ Redistricting Chairman (Nov 2005)

Kevin McCarthy, CA Assembly Minority Leader, now US Congressman (CA) (Sept 2004)

Carolyn McCarthy, US Congresswoman (NY) (May/June 2006)

Tom McClintock, CA State Senator (June 2006)

Lisa Marrache, ME State Senator (Oct 2007)

John Mica, US Congressman (Feb 2008)

Juanita Millender-McDonald, US Congresswoman (CA) (Feb 2006)

George Miller, US Congressman (CA) (March 2006)

Patricia Miller, IN State Senator (Oct 2007)

Vic Miller, Senior Fellow at Federal Funds Information for States (May 2008)

Libby Mitchell, ME State Senator (Sept 2007)

Richard Moore, MA State Senator (May 2007, Sept 2007)

Stephen Morris, President KS State Senate (May 2007, Sept 2007)

Charles Moskos, Professor, Northwestern University (Feb 2008)

Pat Natale, Executive Director, ASCE (Jan 2008)

Joe Nation, CA Assemblyman (Sept 2006)

Melvin Neufeld, Speaker, KS House of Representatives (May 2007)

Fabian Núñez, CA Assembly Speaker (Nov 2005)

Jenny Oropeza, CA Assembly Speaker (Nov 2007)

John Otto, Texas State Representative (May 2008)

Demetrios Papademetriou , MPI President (Aug 2007)

Fran Pavley, CA Assemblywoman (Oct 2006)

Nancy Pelosi, US House of Representatives Minority Leader, now Speaker (Aug 2006)

Don Perata, CA Senate President Pro Tem (Sept 2005)

Gregory Porter, IN Representative (Feb 2007)

William Pound, NCSL Executive Director (Jan 2007, May 2007, Sept 2007)

Keith Richman, CA Assemblyman (March 2006)

Chris Redfern, OH House Minority Leader (Nov 2005)

Phil Rockefeller, WA State Senator (July 2007)

Wilbur Ross, Chairman and CEO fo W R Ross and Co. of New York (May 2008)

Steve Saland, NY State Senator (Sept 2007)

John Schiffer, WY State Senate President (March 2007)

Arnold Schwarzenegger, CA Governor (Nov 2005)

Jack Scott, CA State Senator (July 2007, Feb 2008, March 2008)

Christopher Shays, US Congressman (CT) (Feb 2006)

Jim Silva, CA Assemblyman (June 2007)

Orville Smidt, SD State Senator (May 2007)

Jackie Speier, CA State Senator (Sept 2004)

Pete Stark, US Congressman (CA), (Feb 2006)

Andy Stern, SEIU President (Sept 2005)

Georges Sudarskis, Senior Investment Controller at ADIA (May 2008)

Sharon Tomiko Santos, WA House of Representatives Majority Whip (Sept 2007)

Leticia Van De Putte, TX State Senator, (Sept 2007)

Michael Villines, CA Assemblyman, now Minority Leader (Oct 2005) (March 2007)

John Vratil, Kansas State Senator (Feb 2007)

David Williams, President of Kentucky Senate (Sept 2007)

Frank Zimring, Professor TK, (May/June 2006)

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